Valentine Date Places and Ideas for Everyone with Low Budget


If you are seeing red right now, don’t worry. It is not that you are mad and want to hurt everyone you meet. Red is all over and it is all because Valentine’s Day is just two days away.

To all the single ladies and gents out there, now is not the time to be bitter. This day is actually one of the best times to go on a date with your friends to have fun and make great memories.

But for those who are awaiting this day to be with their significant others, some might consider their budget as a problem. Flowers have become too commercialized that each bouquet could cost a thousand pesos or so. Restaurants are full as well and meals could cost as much as one’s monthly salary.

Are you looking for good date places and ideas without spending too much? Here are our suggestions:


Because is there any better way to enjoy a day with your significant other, friends, or family than with full tummies? Here are great and budget-friendly places to dine in:

Siomai sa Tisa – This strip in Labangon, Cebu has been known for many decades because of their delicious siomai. For as low as P25 for three pieces, you can already enjoy this sumptuous treat. Grab as many puso (hanging rice) as you can to pair with your siomai and you are sure to enjoy the rest of the night with a full tummy.

And while you are at it, pair your siomai and puso with halo-halo from the popular halo-halo stalls in the area.

Larsian – Located near Fuente Osmena Circle, Larsian is known for its sinful yet oh so delicious barbeque. Choose among a wide range of grilled favorites – pork, chicken, squid, and chorizo among others.

Sugbo Mercado – In the past few years, Cebuanos are treated to dishes from all over the world under one sky, thanks to Sugbo Mercado. Though it can be a little crowded, this is a great date idea if you and your SO want good food for a great price.

J Centre Mall Food Park – a newcomer in the food park scene, this sent Cebu netizens by storm because of the lovely Venetian-inspired ambiance. You can enjoy a great deal of tasty dishes and an Instagram-worthy photo set.


If you don’t have the time and budget to drive out of the metro, don’t worry, Cebu City and the nearby cities have sights to offer as well.

Fort San Pedro – Tourists always make it a point to visit this fort because of its history. But it is not just about past glories because this is also an ideal dating place. Sit by the bench and just enjoy some peace and quiet for a very affordable entrance fee.

Museo Sugbo – Another historical spot, this museum was once the Provincial Detention Center. Now, it showcases different artefacts from Cebu’s who’s who and important events.

Mactan Beach Resorts – If you want to enjoy the beach, nearby Lapu-Lapu City has public and private beaches that can welcome you and your date. There are beach resorts for the more “cowboy” crowd where there are no entrance charges, while there are those with better facilities with entrance charges for as low as P100.


Cebu does not lack wonderful activities to choose from. You can pick from awesome things to do alone, with your significant other, or with the whole gang:

Jog around Abellana Track Oval – With everyone busy with meals, sweets, and flowers, you can choose to take a different route and enjoy sweating it out (especially helpful if you are flying solo this Valentine’s). Spend the day achieving your body goals because after all, looking fit is the best way to love yourself.

Sight-seeing at Tops – Cebu City and its structures make up an amazing sight to take in, especially if it is back dropped by a setting sun. Take a habal-habal trip uptown and see the wonderful Queen City of the South from the top.

Finding a good place to take your loved one this Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean breaking the bank. You can look for the perfect date place and activity within the metro and, for as long as there is love, this day will be special.