Transpo Consortium to Donate E-Bus to Cebu City


The Cebu City government can possibly have its electric bus (e-bus) which can be used for a test run of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).

This report came after the proponent of the monorail system in Metro Cebu, PHILTRAM Transport Consortium Inc. (PTCI), said that they will donate the e-bus to the local city government subsequently after it sealed an engagement with China’s biggest e-bus and electric BRT manufacturer that is based in Shanghai.

In a press statement, PTCI said the initial deal was only to tap the e-bus manufacturer to provide feeder bus for the monorail project, which they target to commence construction in 2019. The feeder buses will use the technology developed by a Canadian firm, Bombardier and the latest Bombardier Innova 300.

PTCI added that fortunately the e-bus manufacturer agreed to offer to Cebu City government a bus that will be used for the demo of the future BRT system in Metro Cebu. The name of the maker of e-bus is withheld though as PTCI is still waiting for the agreement with the city officials about the donation.

Meanwhile, Domingo Penaloza, chairman of PTCI, expressed his positivity that the two modern transport systems, namely the BRT and the monorail, wouldn’t be treated as competitors to the riding public as both systems are serving different areas. Penaloza said the BRT is serving mainly the commuters of the city traversing within the busy district and the monorail system will traverse from the South Road Properties to Mambaling area via Fuente and the North Reclamation Area then to Consolacion town.

To recall, PTCI proposed the 19-kilometer monorail transit from the SRP to Consolacion that will be completed by 2021. The said project is believed to not only help decongest traffic but also serve as a signal for business growth within Metro Cebu.

In a press release, China Railway Engineering Consulting Group Senior Consultant Engr. Lu Zhijun said that they are expected to submit its unsolicited proposal to the Department of Transportation (DOTr) by next month once they are able to complete the feasibility study by the end of March.

PHILTRAM also plans on offering 20-seater e-jeepneys to current jeepney drivers with easy acquisition terms that will complement the operation of the monorail project as routes of these e-jeepneys will connect to monorail stations.