Top 15 Things to Do in Cebu

History Tours


Apart from its natural wonders, Cebu is also forever etched in Philippine history because of various historical events that happened here. Also, Cebu is the oldest Spanish settlement thus, various remnants of our colonial past remains here, such as:

7. Historical sites in the city

In Cebu City alone, there are churches, old houses, old streets, and various artefact that point to Cebu’s (and the Philippines’) glorious past. Drop by Magellan’s Cross and Basilica del Sto. Niño to offer candles and prayers. Visit Casa Gorordo for an interactive historical tour. Learn more about the city by looking at the Heritage Shrine at the Parian District.

8. Old houses in Carcar

If the City of Vigan in Ilocos amazes you, Cebu has a similar offering – the heritage homes in Carcar. Carcar City still kept its laid back feel despite being a center of commerce. If you are looking for authentic bahay na bato, just drop by Carcar and feast your eyes on their lovely architecture and history.

9. Old Pueblo of Argao

Learn more about the Filipinos’ way of life by visiting Argao, another heritage province. Its pueblo is so well-preserved that almost every history tour in the province has it in its itinerary. If you want to get in-touch with history, visit this quaint town.