Top 15 Things to Do in Cebu

Cebu has consistently made it to the list of the best places to visit. Whether you are a regular comer or a new visitor, Cebu’s wonders will continue to surprise you. At, we want to make sure that you will have an idea of the best things you can do. Here are 15 top things you shouldn’t miss in this island province:

Outdoor Activities


Since Cebu is blessed with white sand and crystal clear waters, there is no excuse not to enjoy various water activities. With resorts in almost (if not all) of the cities, municipalities, and islets, what is there not to love? But to balance it out, you can also decide to conquer land masses, such as mountain peaks! There are also plenty of high-altitude areas in Cebu.

Here are must-try activities:

1. Swimming

If you are coming via plane or boat, you will never miss out on the beauty of Cebu’s surrounding waters. Even if you have no intention to go swimming, the water will charm you. It is impossible not to take a dip! In case you forgot to bring extra clothes or swimming gear, almost every swimming destination has these ready for you. So go ahead and enjoy the water.

2. Island hopping

Cebu is an island province but it also has different islets that all have different charms. In Lapu-Lapu City, there are island pump boats that can be hired for island hopping. Visit three to five islets, enjoy the clear water, and meet the locals. Just a tip: find all the courage you can have to leave because the locals are so good at treating visitors and sharing their little piece of paradise, it would be impossible to leave.

3. Whale shark or dolphin watching

Oslob has been a favorite of local and foreign tourists because of the gentle giants under water that visit the shores – the whale sharks or butanding!

Southern Cebu is even more blessed because of some dolphins that visit its towns from time to time. Take a boat ride to Tañon Strait and see the playful, cheerful, and friendly dolphins enjoying the water.

4. Diving

Mactan’s resorts has been the favorite of many tourists and more recently, it is hitting national headlines because Korean superstars like Kim Yoo Jung, Park Bo Gum, and the rest of their Korean drama cast spent their vacations at the island, among other Korean celebrities. Diving in Mactan and its nearby islets will show you how much wonder there is underwater.

5. Chase waterfalls (and other bodies of water)

And who says Cebu is limited to salt water? Everywhere in Cebu, there are different bodies of water that will amaze you. Talk about waterfalls, springs, lakes… name it and Cebu has it!

6. Climb mountains

Since Cebu is an island divided by mountains, it is only fair that you go up and see the wonderful island from up above. Get picture-perfect photos at Dalaguete’s peaks or feel like you are in Baguio with the sea of clouds in Balamban.