Where to Go for the Best Cebu Halo-Halo


With the temperatures rising, many people automatically crave for cold desserts that could satisfy their cravings and keep them from feeling parched. In the Philippines, halo-halo is a dessert that gives Filipinos comfort during summer. If this extremely hot temperature is already giving you a hard time, here are sweet destinations to cool down:

Ice Castle

Ice Castle

One of the popular restaurants serving cold desserts to Cebuanos for years, Ice Castle has become a go-to place because it is strategically situated in major malls in Cebu. Visit one of their shops in SM City Cebu, Ayala Center Cebu, and Crossroad Mall and order their specialty halo-halo.

The presentation alone will already make you happy as ingredients really fill the cup. They use nothing but the freshest ingredients to ensure quality. Patrons of their halo-halo are always happy to share how satisfied they are with their orders as each serving is filled with fruits, beans, gulaman, and topped with ice cream.

Ice Castle also serves other desserts like ice cream splits, sundaes, parfaits, shakes, juices, and sandwiches.



In Poblacion Pardo lies a halo-halo store that many Cebuanos (and their visitors) often visit. Melton’s has become a household name because the quality of their halo-halo has been tested throughout the years.

Patrons who have visited their store for years could attest to how special the Super Special Halo-Halo is. Imagine how you get a bowlful of halo-halo with all the special and fresh ingredients including langka, peanuts, and coconut milk with two scoops of ice cream for less than P100!



This Cebuano fast food store serves a delicious halo-halo treat for less than P100. Though this is considered a fast food store, their serving of halo-halo actually has generous ingredients and a scoop of ice cream.

And if you ever come to Tisa, Labangon, you can also enjoy special halo-halo in these stalls:


Monbis’ Halo Halo

A stall along the Siomai sa Tisa strip, Monbis serves nothing but halo-halo. The good part? Well their ice is super fine and their halo-halo serving has Hershey’s chocolate syrup. The delicious treat is served in one serving size only and is sold for P75 each.


image : facebook.com/hanshalohalo

If you want to be more adventurous with your halo-halo, you can come here and enjoy the liberty to choose your own toppings. Their halo-halo is served for P65 and you can add P45 to add 5 more ingredients.

Aside from halo-halo, they also serve other snacks like burger, hotdog, siopao, and fries.


If you want your halo-halo to have super fine and creamy ice, then Sol’s is the store for you. Their halo-halo comes in a regular variety for P50 and a special variety for P60. They also serve other snacks.

Which of these stalls have you visited? Which ones are you going to visit soon? Share your finds with us.