Interested in Taking Some Swimming, Taekwondo, Other Summer Classes? Look Here!


Are you looking for a more productive way to spend your summer? If you are eager to start that swimming, music, Taekwondo, baking lessons, or other lessons, but don’t know where to enroll, well you stumbled upon the right article. Here are some of the summer classes that you or the kids can enroll in:

Cebu City Sports Center Summer Classes

The Cebu City Sports Center makes it a point to open its doors and facilities to everyone who wants to learn basic life skills and new sports. Here are some activities at the center:

Learn-to-Swim Program

Those who want to learn how to swim can choose between the one-on-one and batch sessions.

Children aged 4-6 years old are required to enroll for the special one-on-one classes of 10 one-hour sessions. The program is worth P3, 500.

Competitive classes of 10 two-hour sessions are worth P3, 500. Meanwhile, a Group Class of 6 students max, can avail of six 1 ½ hour sessions for P2, 500.

Classes per batch will be on April 9-21, April 23-May 5, May 7-19, and May 28-June 9. There are morning, afternoon, and adult classes in the evening.

Everyone who will join are required to wear proper swimming attire, swimming cap, goggles, and kick board.

Badminton Training

Badminton classes are also open for children aged 8 years old and above. There are 15 sessions for group classes worth P2, 000 each. Those who want to avail of one-on-one sessions will have to pay P2, 600 worth 10 sessions.

There will be three batches scheduled on April 9-27, May 7-25, and June 4-26.

Participants are required to bring their own badminton racket and a tube of shuttlecock. Those who will be joining the group class meanwhile are also required to bring their own badminton racket and pay P300 for training balls.

Basketball Clinic

For P2, 750 inclusive of free ball and shirt, kids aged 7 to 18 can join a basketball clinic for beginners and advanced players under the administration of Coach Lawrence Merced.

The basketball clinic is scheduled for April 9-28 and May 2-26.

Dancesports or Ballroom

This is open for kids 5 years old and above. Classes will start on April 16 and will end on May 27. Participants will pay P3, 000.

Gymnastics Training

For P3, 500, kids up to 13 years old can enjoy their whole summer learning gymnastic techniques. They will be required to wear proper gymnastics attire.


Those who want their kids to learn self-defense techniques can enroll them for Karatedo-Arnis sessions for only P1, 500 per month. Adult classes are also available.


Open to children aged 7 years old and above, Arnis sessions will cost P1, 500.

Wushu/Taichi (Yang Style 24 Steps)

Those who want to learn Chinese Martial Arts Wushu and Taichi will have to pay a membership fee of P500 or a P1, 500 monthly fee.

Football Clinic

Alex Ballesteros is lending his skills and knowledge to kids aged 6 to 14 who want to learn football. The sessions are held every Monday to Friday from April 9 to 28 and May 2 to 26 for a minimal fee of P3, 000 per month.

Table Tennis

Kids aged 8 and above can learn basic and advance table tennis techniques for P1, 000 each.

Polynesian/Tahitian, Ballet & Hip Hop or Dance Fusion

If your kids are into dancing enroll them to various dance sessions divided to different genre. The cost per dance class is P3, 000.

Taekwondo Class

Children aged 4 and above can take Taekwondo lessons, which will cost P500 for membership fee and an enrollment fee of P 2, 500 monthly or P 4, 000 for the whole summer.

Boxing Lessons

Boxing is a fun sport and for P2,000 each with an hour session with an instructor or P50 entrance fee without instructor, everyone can learn this sport. Participants are only required to bring their own gloves. Those who want to learn from instructors must check their availability.


For a fee of P25 each during the day or P30 each for nighttime sessions, participants can dance their stresses away.

Belly Dancing

If you want to groove while melting all those belly fats, join belly dancing sessions for only P50.


Brainfit Summer Camp

If you want your kids to develop and improve their auditory processing, vision processing, sensory-motor processing, attention and working memory, and social-emotional processing, enroll them at the Brainfit Summer Camp.

Brainfit Studio was founded in Singapore in 2001 by a team of therapists who want to maximize human potential. The studio expanded across SouthEast Asia like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Turkey. In the Philippines studios are in Greenhills, Binondo, BGC, Quezon City, and the latest is in Cebu.

Brainfit Camp for 3-5 year-olds will be one hour per session, twice per week and runs a span of two months. The camp for 6 year-olds and above runs five times a week, with each session lasting two hours, also in a span of two months. The classes will start in April and will end in June.

Inquiries can be made by visiting their office at 2nd floor, MLD Building, Gov. M. Cuenco Ave. or by calling 350-7338 or 0917-627-800.


Global Art Cebu Under the Sea Summer Artventures

Learn how to draw, mold, and color different sea creatures at the Global Art Cebu Under the Sea Summer Artventures.

The Summer Artventure 2018 will have three batches: April 4-27, May 7-29, and June 4-26. The program will be composed of ten 90-minute sessions.

For more information, contact Globalart Cebu through their Facebook page or via email [email protected].


Character Bento Making Workshop with CharaBento Cebu

If you find character bentos really cute, you and your kids can join in the fun of making them by enrolling in the CharaBento Workshops by FoodArt Kitchen. The sessions happen every other Sunday at The Grid Pad in Talamban, Cebu City.

You and your kids can learn from Mommy Rowena by availing of sessions on March 25, April 1, April 15, April 29, May 13, or May 27. You can also reserve for a private session.


Handuraw Summer Music Camp

Join in the summer fun by learning new instruments such as: guitar, keyboard, violin, bass, drums, and ukulele. You can also learn how to sing.

The sessions held every Sunday will start on April 15 and will last until June 3. A grand performance and awarding will be held on June 10. The registration is only P1,000.



Ayala Center Cebu is one of Cebu’s premiere malls and true to its legacy, several activities are lined up to make sure that parents and their kids will have a great summer vacation.

Parents and kids can join workshops that include: voice lessons, ballet, painting, arts, and sewing.

Fitness sessions for moms include: Coach-A summer fitness boot camp, Gold’s Gym Zumba, Capoeira, and Taekwondo.

Kids can also enjoy different attractions and enrichment activities like: vanguard cardfight, chess, inflataland, jump bounce n play, gleeful moppets, my little craft corner, jumping clay, creative minds, hoverball, KPUP spritely gym and party racer go-carts.

What do you think you’ll sign up your kids or yourself for?