12 Summits and Campsites in Cebu for Your Camping Trips

Osmeña Peak
image : countocram.com

Like the popular mall’s tagline, “we got it all for you” here in Cebu. Apart from the beaches, malls, party houses, and other sights, Cebu has an abundance of peaks and camp sites. If you want to get in-touch with nature, see a sea of clouds, and experience life away from the noise of the city, here are 12 places we suggest you visit.

1. Kan-irag Peak

Kan-irag Peak
image : mynomadichabits.com

Also known as Sirao Peak is the most popular destination of campers because it is very accessible from the city. It only takes a trek via Budlaan in Talamban, although the trek may be a bit tiresome and the trail a little difficult for beginners, to get to the site. Witness a beautiful sunrise and go down 30 minutes to Ayala Heights and buy some fresh sweet corn for breakfast.

2. Chalet Hills, Busay

Chalet Hills, Busay
image : wanderingsoulscamper.wordpress.com

Another near-the-city camp site, the trek is not as challenging as all others. This is one trip where kids can participate. However, even if it seems “easy,” there is no doubt that the view it offers is worth all of the miles you walked

3. Osmeña Peak

Osmeña Peak
image : countocram.com

Arguably Cebu’s most popular peak in recent years, Osmeña Peak is one of the easy climbs if you are looking at taking that 30-minute habal-habal ride from the jump-off point. If you want more challenge though, you can start the trek at Mantalungon Public Market and climb your way up the peak. It will be worth the effort though, especially in the morning, when the fog and sunrise create an IG-worthy backdrop for you

4. Mt. Naupa

Mt. Naupa
image : deamari.wordpress.com

A favorite camping ground for kids, Mt. Naupa in Naga is a more-established campground. Setting up your tent would be easier too because the campsite is more stable

5. Bacalla Woods Campsite

Bacalla Woods Campsite
image : Mark Roa | gotmarked.com

Tired of the usual tent? Why not camp in a hammock?

Bacalla woods Campsite in Naga offers this great alternative. You can choose between a tent, hammock, or room in the camp but what’s worth the visit is that, you can have real happiness here without your phone! Unplugging is real.

The group behind the camp also offers different activities including an infinity swing.

6. Mt. Babag

Mt. Babag
image : wornoutbackpack.wordpress.com

The gradual ascent to Mt. Babag requires a lot of knee strength, which means you need to prepare for this a bit. When you climb, make sure that you will have companions with you, especially that it can be a little foggy. Don’t worry though, it is just within Cebu City so this is very accessible

7. Mt. Hambubuyog

Mt. Hambubuyog
image : Gian and Sheila | adrenalineromance.com

If you are looking for more challenge, climb Mt. Hambubuyog. You will have to walk for 9 hours or more, depending on your pace. It can be a little steep as well so you need to prepare your knees.

To get there, you would also have to endure the long ride to the south and another motorcycle ride to Inambakan Falls just to get to the jump-off point.

8. Mt. Lanaya

Mt. Lanaya
image : Faith Mari | sojournsandstories.com

Another difficult trail, Mt. Lanaya is considered the most challenging peak in Cebu because aside from the 4-hour bus ride from the city to Alegria, the Legaspi Trail has unforgiving terrain that can take hours to climb.

9. Mt. Mauyog

Mt. Mauyog
image : Roneth Politud | theficklefeet.com

Like a setting of some American series, the brain-like rock that marks the peak of Mt. Mauyog has made it a much-coveted camp destination. Just an hour away from Mt. Manunggal, Mt. Mauyog has a difficult and rocky terrain that will be all worth it once you see the breathtaking view of Cebu City.

10. Mt. Manunggal

Mt. Manunggal

One of the most historic mountains in Cebu, Mt. Manunggal is best remembered for being President Ramon Magsaysay’s crash site. Because of its historical value and a few horror stories, this is a favorite of many newbie climbers because the trek is rather short and not as challenging as the other peaks. Still, the view and camp will be worth the climb.

11. Mt. Kapayas

Mt. Kapayas
image : catmontree.wordpress.com

If you have the budget, Mt. Kapayas is one cam site you can consider. The rules there are rather strict but if you are up for it, and the challenging trek, you will be in for a great treat. The Torre’s peak gives you one of the most stunning views of Cebu.

12. Kandungaw Peak

Kandungaw Peak
image : adrenalineromance.com

If you are already in OPeak and is up for more challenge, then going to Kandungaw Peak would be a perfect sidetrip. You can actually view it from OPeak and it is marked by the Philippine flag. The climb is also good for beginners but expect that it would be much tougher than the OPeak climb.

Which of these peaks and camp sites would you want to explore? Regardless of where you want to go, just always remember to: take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, and kill nothing but time.