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Things You Need to Remember If You Are Preparing for a Cebu Vacation

Things You Need to Remember If You Are Preparing for a Cebu Vacation

If you are looking for a destination spot that is as bustling as Metro Manila or if you want to have a laid back island vibe like Boracay and Siargao, then you are looking at the right place. Cebu Province has always been among the list of best places to visit where both kinds of busy and bustling vibes meet. It can offer so many things, you will never be bored. But just like every vacation, you need to remember and prepare a few things:

Sunblock is your best friend!

If you are visiting during the summer months, you should be warned that Cebu’s weather can be brutal. The sun will toast you. Make sure to apply sunblock as often as you can, especially if you will be hanging by the beach or touring around the cities and municipalities.

Jeepney routes in Cebu follow a number and letter format.

Is it a O1K or a 12L jeep that you should ride on? What is that 06B jeep doing here? Wait, are you really in the right jeepney?

Going around Cebu via jeepneys is a very tricky thing. It requires mastery and no, Waze can’t help you that much.

Jeepneys in Cebu follow a number and letter format. You can keep a list of these route numbers so you would never get lost. But if you are unsure, you can always ask the friendly barkers.

Wait, you are in the wrong jeepney? Say “Lugar lang palihug” and the jeepney driver will drop you at the nearest PUJ stop.

Learn basic words

Speaking of “lugar lang”, when you are visiting Cebu, it would help to arm yourself with a few words, phrases or sentences that will come in handy while you are going around. Here are a few:

  • “Maayong buntag/udto/hapon/gabii” – “Good morning/noon/afternoon/night.”
  • “Salamat” – Thank you.
  • “Wala’y sapayan” – “You’re welcome”
  • “Lugar lang” – when you want to board off a jeep
  • “Asa ni ang…” – “Where is…”
  • “Tag-pila ni ang…” – “How much are these?”


For people who are used to low voices, Cebuanos may seem like war freaks. We talk with voices that can be heard two corners away. But seriously, we are not in a shouting match. We are not war freaks, too. We are not shouting at all.

Never Forget to Visit Churches

Most tourists, even those who are not Catholics, never miss visiting the Santo Niño de Cebú or the palace-like Simala Shrine in Sibonga. It somehow has become a custom of many tourists. If you want to learn more about Cebuanos, the churches are among the best places that will show you what we are as a people.

Always Bring Extra Clothes

Beaches everywhere. It is safe to say that having extra clothes (especially a swimming attire or two) would save you from regretting anything. Trust us, the waters in Cebu are too tempting to miss out. Don’t be a killjoy. Give in. Go and swim.

Bring A Tummy that Can Eat A Lot

Cebu’s restaurants and street food are all over so you need to have a big tummy to enjoy them all. Some things may look awkward or weird (Is that thing wrapped in coconut leaves really rice that you can eat with your dish?). You may be surprised as well with how much food a single order of sutukil will give you (Yes, that would be three dishes for your single tuna order). There’s just too many food in Cebu so make sure that you can accommodate them all.


Cebuanos are among the most resilient in the world that, even with problems or things that irritate them (hello traffic!), they never forget to smile.

Traveling becomes more meaningful if you smile at the people you meet and Cebuanos are no exception.

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