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Disclaimer - CebuTraveller


Cebu Traveller is a site for tourists, travellers, vacationers and travel and tour companies that wish to promote their travel and tour offers here. It’s a site rich with information on tour destinations and spots, traveling, hotels and restaurants, travel experiences and tips from other people, relevant trends and updates plus promos and offers from travel and tour companies. It also has related news.

Contributors’ Opinions

All users of this site, Cebu Traveller, should understand then that some information found here are the opinions of the contributors. Contributors are people who wish to share their travel experiences and tips on our site and travel and tour companies that post their packages and promos here.

We, the site owners and managers, strongly advise users and visitors that information found here should be verified with the proper sources. We or the site will not be held responsible for any discrepancies in the information shared here.


We will try to screen information contributed on our site before publishing them. However, we do not guarantee that posts and information seen on our site will be accurate or free of slighting or disparaging remarks. Some things that are okay with some people can be offensive to others. Therefore, the site Cebu Traveller cannot be held responsible for issues like this. If contributors share something negative or offending about an establishment, company or person, those affected can submit a rebuttal to us which, if we approve, will be published for all to see. But we will strictly limit publishing rebuttals, denials or negations because our site is not designed for that. We therefore advise those affected to talk directly to the person or company involved to settle differences.

Avail at Your Own Risk

Travel and tour companies will post promos here on packages and discounts they offer. Please understand that we are not part of these companies nor are we partnered with them in any manner whatsoever. Therefore, we have nothing to do with them or their promotions and offers. Users and visitors who avail of such promos, discounts or any offer do so at their own risk and any complaints should be addressed directly to the company involved.

Our site, Cebu Traveller, may display third party links and banners. However, these links are only for information sharing. We feel such links might help users and visitors with their travel plans. But we are in no way connected or partnered with the companies that own these links, and therefore, we are not responsible for any transactions that users or visitors may enter into with these sites or companies.