Sumilon Sandbar Is Temporarily Closed, But Cebu Has Other Sandbars You Can Explore

Sumilon Sandbar

One of Cebu’s most famous sandbar, Sumilon Island Sandbar, has been temporarily closed for a week-long cleanup from April 10 to 16 after its hectic Holy Week schedule. Oslob Mayor Jose Tumulak said that the tourists have left behind mounds of garbage that are now being collected by local officials, volunteers, and Navy personnel and reservists.

While the cleanup is ongoing, where else can you go if you really, really want to enjoy the beach on a sandbar and get some insta-worthy photos? Here are other sandbars that you can try in Cebu:

Mahayahay Beach Sandbar


Location: Argao, Cebu

Argao has preserved many of its old Spanish era structures that it became known as one of Cebu’s heritage towns. However, it also has some beautiful beaches and a beautiful sandbar. Mahayahay Beach Resort, also called the Looc Garden Beach Resort, is open to the public and it already has some cottages and sari-sari stores nearby for when you need more food and drinks while swimming. You can bring along your friends and family to camp out, grill, go boating, or try skimboarding at the beach and rest at the sandbar in between actvities.

Caohagan Island Sandbar


Location: Lapu-lapu City, Cebu

You don’t have to stray far from the city to get to a sandbar if you head to Caohagan Island Sandbar, just across Mactan. If you’re going island hopping, you can stop by the island and take in the beautiful white sand of the sandbar.

Pasil Sandbar in Gitbingil Island

Image: Jack Ponpon

Location: Medellin, Cebu

Aside from Medellin’s Funtastic Island, the municipality also boasts of its own sandbar off Gitbingil Island. You can enjoy swimming in its crystal clear waters and get in some beach volleyball or other activities in between dips. If you’re heading north, don’t forget to stop by Gitbingil Island.

Kota Beach Sandbar

Image: Facebook/Camp Sawi Bantayan Island

Location: Bantayan Island, Cebu

Aside from the impressive Boracay vibes that you can get from the beaches of Bantayan Island, you can also enjoy the Kota Beach Sandbar. Just pack a picnic basket, lay out a blanket on the beach, and enjoy your time at the sandbar. It’s definitely a two-in-one fun for you!

Campalabo Islet Sandbar

Location: Pinamungajan, Cebu

This sandbar might be small, but it is impressive in how it is home to a marine sanctuary, where marine life is protected and preserved. Just don’t go to Campalabo Islet if the tide is high because then you a huge part of the sandbar will be submerged underwater.

How many of these sandbars in Cebu have you visited? Or are you writing these sandbars in your summer to-visit list now?