8 Cebu Islands for Your Ultimate Summer Gala


Cebu is blessed to have different breathtaking islands and islets that reflect the beauty and wonderful culture of the Cebuanos. Now that March is just around the corner, finding a great summer destination doesn’t have to be a plane ride away.

Here are 8 beautiful Cebu islands that will truly make you feel blessed to be in this province:

1. Camotes Islands

Camotes Island - Santiago Beach

This idyllic tropical island of Camotes is ideal for people who are looking for a refuge from the hustle and bustle of life. It is best known for the beautiful Santiago Bay and Bakhaw Beach with captivating waters perfect for swimming.

You can also rent a motorbike and explore the islands. You can see Lake Danao, Panganuron Falls, and some islands of the caves. You can retreat to different resorts in the island which abound in the island.

2. Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island
image : simonjpierce.com

In the northern part of Cebu is a tiny island called Malapascua, which is a named with lonely connotation. Malapascua stands for malas nga Pascua or an unlucky Christmas. Historians believed that the Spanish colonizers visited the island on Christmas and was met by harsh weather hence the name. However, visitors of the island could not deny that it is a beautiful gem that shouldn’t be missed.

Now one of Cebu’s main tourist destinations, it offers pristine white sand beaches, clear waters, and an abundance of marine animals, including thresher sharks.

3. Bantayan Island

image : thepoortraveler.net

Bantayan is another island with picture-perfect beaches, some of which are yet to be discovered by tourists. Sta. Fe is a sleepy laid back place but in the evening, it becomes a perfect host for night parties.

Adventure seekers can take a ferry to Virgin and Kinatarkan islands as well where gorgeous white sand beaches and crystal clear waters also meet tourists.

4. Carnaza Island

image : Jack Ponpon | dyanlang.com

Carnaza Island is Daanbantayan’s hidden gem, which boasts of a small community of residents who wake up to a wonderful white sand beach untouched by development. It also has a resort owned by an influential political family in Cebu but it does not accept walk-ins.

While there are not many facilities within the island, there is no doubt that its beauty is more than enough for you to enjoy.

5. Caohagan Island


This marine sanctuary stretches three kilometres along the coast of the island. Visitors of the island, most of whom availed island hopping services, are treated to the teeming life in its marine sanctuary. If you plan to swim, go to the sandbar which is also a beautiful stretch of powdery white sand.

6. Hilutungan Island Marine Sanctuary


This area has protected marine life, which is a treat for everyone who wants to get acquainted with tropical fishes. People are allowed to visit the place as long they do not destroy the natural habitat of the fish.

7. Nalusuan Island


This part of Olango Island group has a beach resort facility. About a hectare in size, it is located between the islands of Cebu and Bohol. Like other islets included in most island hopping trips, this island also has rich marine life.

8. Mactan Island

For everyone who knows Cebu as a wonderful tourist spot, the island of Mactan is never missed out. As a progressive city, it is a home to many people working in its booming business hubs. Apart from that, this is also an awesome destination for those who want 5-star resort accommodation as it is a host for many of these facilities.

How do you want to enjoy your summer? In Cebu, paradise is just one banca ride away.