Cebu to Get Its First Water Bus


Are you tired of Cebu’s worsening traffic? Are you looking for a better way to get to different parts of the province minus the hassle of commuting on land and the pollution that you have to brave along the way?

Finally, Maxboat Marine has introduced the solution to this perennial traffic problem: Cebu’s first water bus or water taxi. The company envisions Cebuanos cruising from coast to coast around Cebu instead of passing through its crowded streets. Maxboat Marine is a renowned ship management company in Cebu.

The Water Bus has an overall length of 13.5 meters, depth of 1.5 meters, waterline of 10.6 meters, draft design of 0.65 meters, a double engine of 250BHP, and a deck cargo that can accommodate up to 2 tons.

It can accommodate 50-70 people per trip and each trip could cost P100 to P150 per person.

The Water Bus will ply the Cebu City, Bogo, Naga, Dalaguete, Danao, Liloan, and Santander route.

Details as to the date of the taxis’ maiden voyage, fare, and other details are yet to be revealed. Sources reveal, however, that the first unit of the Water Taxi, which will sail to and from southern Cebu, will start sailing in April or May this year.