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10 Cebu Cold Springs to Cool Off Hot Cebu Summers

10 Cebu Cold Springs to Cool Off Hot Cebu Summers

Summer is almost here, which means everyone would be whipping those fans all the time just trying to cool off. Malls will be all filled because everyone wants to enjoy free air conditioning. Cold treats will be available again and everyone would want to grab a bite or two of ice cream or enjoy a cup of halo-halo. People will flock to beaches and other bodies of water again just so they can fight off the hot temperature. Summer in the Philippines is among the hottest in the world but this country is blessed to have many types of water bodies to enjoy.

Cebu, although a tiny island province compared to other parts of the country, has been blessed with many water bodies that its locals and tourists can enjoy. One water body that is guaranteed to help cool anyone off during the hot summer months are cold springs. If you are looking for a summer adventure, here are some suggested cold springs:

1. Linaw Spring, Argao, Cebu

Linaw Spring, Argao, Cebu
image : mycebuphotoblog.com

Linaw Spring and pool is a fresh cold water spring in Argao Cebu. It is just right next to the South National Road, so you will not have a hard time finding it. There is a small park with benches and lampposts to cater to everyone visiting the place. Do not mind the people passing or the locals washing their dishes and clothes in the spring because the crystal clear water will definitely be a perfect way to fight the summer heat.

2. Aranzana Spring, Malabuyoc

Aranzana Spring, Malabuyoc

Composed of several freshwater springs in Barangay Aranzana, this spot is nature at its finest. The springs flow straight to the river, which serves as the water source for household use and drinking. The locals created a spring so locals and tourists can take a dip, especially in hot summer days.

3. Lapnis Spring, Ronda

Lapnis Spring, Ronda
image : facebook.com/cebuthequeen

Located in Barangay Butong, Ronda, Lapnis Spring is considered a hidden gem. According to some sources, the spring has been destroyed by a strong typhoon in recent years but there are remnants of the spring and a nearby waterfall. The very hidden spot means working really hard and taking the path less taken to get to the cold spring.

4. Mainit Mabugnao Spring, Carcar City

Mainit Mabugnao Spring

Mabugnao-Mainit National Park in Guadalupe, Carcar City is a protected area in the Philippines. The 57.5-hectare park occupies a watershed forest reserve and a spring to nurture the place. Visitors love the spring where cottages and pools have been developed. There are also other attractions like life-size statues of saints and Christ. A trail up a hill also leads to three caves that adventure-seekers explore.

5. Molobolo Spring, Tuburan

Molobolo Spring, Tuburan
image : facebook.com/ItsMoreFunInMoloboloSpringCebu/

Molobolo Spring is a well-visited spring in northern Cebu. It has a huge pool for adults and smaller and shallower pools for kids and non-swimmers. Just a few steps away is a beach as well, which makes it a total package for everyone who wants to beat the summer heat. Cottages with videoke machines are available for swimmers. There are also overnight rooms.

6. Durano Eco-Farm

Durano Eco-Farm
image : fb.com/Durano-Eco-Farm-216897115051247

One of the more popular springs in Cebu, the Durano Eco-Farm and Resort in Corte, Carmen gets its cool water from Uragay Spring (nearby Uragay Spring Resort is also in the same barangay). Visitors are treated to shallower pools perfect for kids and non-swimmers. The place is filled with lush vegetation making the place even cooler.

7. Kugtong Spring, Alcantara

Kugtong Spring, Alcantara
image : mycebuphotoblog.com

Another by-the-highway spring, Kugtong spring in Alcantara has an inviting clear water that anyone could not resist. It is near the Boardwalk Zoo so you may come here just after seeing the animals. Needless to say, the man-made pool by the highway welcomes everyone who wants to take a dip.

8. Gakub Spring, Dalaguete

Gakub Spring, Dalaguete
image : sugbo.ph

Gakub Spring, Dalaguete is a natural wonder that was developed and converted into natural spring swimming pool. It is located in Barangay Banhigan, Dalaguete just near a mangrove area. The water is very clear and cool so it is a perfect spot to visit when the hot summer sun makes it seem unbearable.

9. Obong Spring, Dalaguete

Obong Spring, Dalaguete
image : iluvcebu.com

You cannot miss out Obong Spring in Dalaguete because it is just a few meters away from the highway. The brackish water (a mixture of salty and fresh water) is a perfect mix that can help you cool down on a cold summer day. The pool can get a little too deep so guardians need to keep an eye on children. Visitors can also rent floaters.

10. Timubo Cave Spring, Camotes Islands

Timubo Cave Spring, Camotes Islands
image : mycebuphotoblog.com

For a good twist, you can enjoy this spring within a cave in Camotes Island. Timubo Cave spring boast of sparkling cool water that will surely make you forget about summer. It is located within a farm but is difficult to find because the cave is almost like a hole on the ground. Once you pass the difficult stage, you will just enjoy the wonderful spring.

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