Campalabo Sandbar: A Small Paradise in the South

The hype of Cebu’s beach culture has been soarin, especially since PAG-ASA officially declared that summer has begun on April 10, 2018. South-bound, you will be enchanted by a small yet enticing town of Pinamungajan. It is believed to be an untainted paradise favored by nature lovers.

Pinamungajan is gifted with nature’s magical touch. It is home to mangrove forests, caves, waterfalls and its now famed natural wonder, its sandbar. Right in Barangay Tajao is the islet called Campalabo Sandbar, which has an area of one hectare of pearlescent sand that emerges during low tide right in the middle of a marine sanctuary. The locals have some interesting myths as to how this islet came to be, but its name was coined from how the locals called a bell that was stolen and thrown into the waters of the town.

Campalabo Sandbar

Campalabo Sandbar is a perfect place to chill around as it allows you to take in the stunning view of Mt. Kanlaon and the Tañon Strait that rose to popularity due to dolphin sightings.  The water is cool and the ambience is captivating. As tides pave way for this islet to rise from the waters, there appears rock formations nearby, called “paril,” that serves as the resting point of the Olango Island migratory birds.

The islet is among the hidden riches of Cebu. This wonder proved that the number of islands in the country really depends on tidal behavior. The sandbar is precisely a beautiful place, especially for beach lovers and nature explorers. To preserve its beauty and the marine species living in the sanctuary, the part surrounded by white floaters, it is governed by the town’s coast guard.

Campalabo Sandbar 2

The local government of Pinamungajan made efforts to establish access roads to the town’s natural spots for easier and convenient access on the part of the tourists.

Aside from the foot trail that leads to Liki Falls, cave climbing, and trekking, the beaches will be among Pinamungajan’s prime tourist attractions.

Campalabo Islet is just less than a half-hour pump boat ride from mainland Barangay Tajao. Guests can go swimming in the cool waters, spend time bathing in the sun, stroll on the fine white sands, or play some beach games. The place gets submerged during high tide, with the water possibly reaching your knees or waist.

Since there are no stores in the islet, make sure to bring some food and drinks with you. You can end your day at the Borra Beach of Barangay Tajao, which has a beach line of more than a kilometer, to witness and capture the beauty of the sunset. The beach resort also provides accommodations for an overnight stay for guests.

Getting to the Islet

Pinamungajan town is just a 2- to 3-hour bus ride from the South Bus Terminal. When you reach the town proper, get in touch with the municipal hall since they will facilitate your ride to the sandbar. It could take approximately 20 minutes in an outrigger boat to reach Barangay Tajao, where the islet is.