Try Any of These 15 Adrenaline-Pumping Adventures in Cebu

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You only live once, the millennials would always say. Now, with more and more millennials going out and exploring the province, it comes as no surprise that their “adventures” are peppered with some activities that their folks would probably reprimand them for… or maybe not.

The good thing about Cebu is it has so many natural wonders that could help make these extreme adventure fantasies come to life. Here, we list down some of the most adrenaline-pumping activities you can do in Cebu:

1. Canyoneering

Canyoneering in the Matutinao
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Canyoneering in the Matutinao Valley in Badian is probably one of the most daring adventures one could think of. Imagine jumping off a 30-meter cliff. If that didn’t make you sweat, congratulations! But of course, this adventure had been such a hit as almost everyone could attest to the wonderful scenery that the valley offers.

2. Rappelling

Campo 4 in Talisay City rappelling
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Campo 4 in Talisay City is popular for climbers and campers as it gives them a bragging right of sort. Some adventurers also suggest recreational rappelling at the Cantabaco crag in Toledo. The difficulty level of this area is something that only the brave and willing can face. Just imagine how great it is to rappel one of the bridges – certainly not your everyday thing.

3. Spelunking

Murga cave in Bonbon
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Blessed with many caves, Cebu is a spelunking haven. Explore the dark world in some of the province’s cavernous spots and discover more about its beauty inside and out. Some popular spots for caving include the Salay caves in Alegria, Igotan cave in Talisay City, and the Binuthan or Murga cave in Bonbon.

4. Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping

Medellin in northern Cebu was a quiet town but these things changed when Funtastic Island opened. Aside from the crystal-clear water, it offers one exhilarating adventure – diving off a 30-meter cliff! If you are one of the braves, this is one adventure that you should try. Malapascua and the Boho Rock Resort in Poro, Camotes Island also have good cliff jumping spots.

5. Tandem Skydiving

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In Bantayan Island, an activity that is gaining popularity also sets to prove to anyone who is brave enough that the world is indeed, round. If you want to know what it feels to fall from 13,000 feet, then tandem skydiving should be in your bucket list. Don’t worry, you will be guided by experts so you are in safe hands.

6. Mountain Climbing

Osmeña Peak
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When we say mountain climbing, we mean every level of mountain climbing you can think of (well, except for Alpine climbing, which involves snow and glaciers). There are easier climbs like Osmena Peak in Dalaguete but there are also really difficult climbs that will test one’s skills and endurance. For beginners, experienced mountain climbers also recommend Sirao Peak, Chalet Hills, and Mt. Babag all in Cebu City, Mt. Manunggal in Balamban, Mt. Naupa in Naga, and Mt. Hambubuyog in Ginatilan, among others.

7. Rock Climbing

Cantabaco Crag in Toledo
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This is definitely an adventure that you’d like to try if you want to put your arms, legs and mind to work as you scale natural rock formations. The best thing is that you will be basically competing against yourself and defying gravity at the same time as you aim for the top. Rock climbers love Cantabaco Crag in Toledo with its unspoiled cliffs. You may also try the Poog Crag, also in Toledo.

8. Sky Walking

Sky Walking Cebu
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The height you need to conquer is at the top of the Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu City. You have to walk on a translucent glass floor 415 feet high in the sky. It can be pretty nerve-tingling but you can always pause, take a breath, and enjoy the sights of Cebu from the top. Just don’t look down if you don’t want to be reminded just how high up you are.