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Cebu Traveller is a website where travel and tours companies, tourists and vacationers meet. You show off your products and services on this site if you’re a travel company and looking for folks seriously embarking on a trip. You select the best tour deals and offers here if you’re a traveller looking for tour companies that mean business. Thus, we present the best of both worlds.

Planning a Dream Journey?

This site is also for those still contemplating on a trip sometime in the near future, scouting for the best tour and travel packages within your projected budget as you save money for the purpose. You may feel free to drop by regularly and see the latest trends and updates in the tourism industry, may they be about the newest resort or the trending falls with some new activities to offer in Cebu. The best travel and tour companies always try to come up with something different for various seasons of the year, like striking promos and low-priced deals that are hard to ignore, and concoct ideal packages that suit different types of travellers. And you better not miss any of them. Cebu Traveller can ably help you with this.

Sense of Community

The site Cebu Traveller has an interesting section called “Community.” It’s where we feature travel stories of our users for the entire Cebu Traveller community and chance visitors to enjoy. Share with us your unforgettable experiences as vacationers and travellers.

We Help Both Travellers and Tour Providers Get the Best Results

We provide both tourists and tour providers and related service providers with pertinent information they may need for their respective travel needs. Aside from picturesque images and videos of noteworthy tourist destinations, Cebu Traveller regularly shares blog posts that feature various aspects of travel, as well as related news and events. Travellers and vacationers will find our travel guides and tips quite informative and our appropriate or practical ideas helpful when preparing for a trip. They help tourists with highly suggested things to do while in Cebu, when the best time of year to be in Cebu, and other things like that, to make their stay a much better experience.

The feature stories we provide add excitement as you plan your trips and may open possibilities you can consider for a more meaningful visit or stay in a locality. Feature stories share the pleasant experiences of folks who have gone to the places you’re anticipating to see and discovered a lot of things you may want to discover for yourself.

As for our reviews, both travellers and travel agencies can benefit from them when wondering what people often look for in a travel package or what places in Cebu are more frequented by tourists than others. Reviews by tourists and fussy bloggers on Cebu restaurants, hotels and lodges, resorts, tourist destinations, and gift and souvenir shops are important to make the most out of every trip. Both travellers and travel and tour companies look for these reviews nowadays.

Who’s Who?

Finally, tourists naturally want to know the best providers of travel-related services in Cebu and in the country. On the other hand, travel and tour agencies, car rental companies, and similar service providers would want to be among the top when it comes to comparative studies like this. Cebu Traveller will certainly keep looking for the best companies and keep an update about them. So, do drop by Cebu Traveller regularly to watch out for this.