13 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

And just like that, summer is here once again. Parents are once again trying to look for ways to keep their kids entertained and productive in the months before they start return to school. If you are still clueless about where to take your kids or what activities you can enroll them in, here are some suggestions from us:

Meet Animals at Crocolandia and Cebu Safari

Cebu Safari
image : facebook.com/cebusafariph

While news of the closing of Cebu City Zoo broke the heart of many families, there is still hope especially that crocodiles at Crocolandia are still around and the newly-opened Cebu Safari has species from all over the world readily accessible. Let the kids appreciate these species and become more aware of the best ways to protect them.

Enjoy Quiet Walks at the Park

Plaza Independencia
image : cebucity.gov.ph

A few years back, parents are afraid of taking their kids to the park or plaza because of the presence of lawless elements. Thankfully, these parks are being improved to cater to families. A perfect example of these improved parks is Plaza Independencia, where a kids playground was built so kids can mingle with other children.

Enroll Them in Swimming Classes

Cebu City Sports Center Swimming
image : pinayworkingmom.com

Swimming is a basic life skill that everyone should learn and there is no better time to let the kids learn this skill but during summer when the temperature rises to impossibly high levels. The Cebu City Sports Center, YMCA, and other organizations have organized swimming classes for kids as young as a few months old and even for adults.

Take Them to the Library

The Rizal Memorial Library
image : guidetocebu.com

The Rizal Memorial Library recently made it to national headlines for being the first library in the country to operate 24 hours. Good news to bookworm parents, the city library actually has a kid’s section that has a huge selection of children’s books. They even have tiny tables and chairs and a play mat where kids can read and mingle with other kids.

Accompany Them to Museums

Museo Sugbo

You can take the kids to old houses that were converted into museums like the Yap-San Diego house and Casa Gorordo or to other historical places in Cebu like Fort San Pedro and Museo Sugbo to teach them more about Cebu’s rich history and culture. These places help awaken the kids’ sense of patriotism which is especially affected by the way they consume media nowadays.

Teach Them about Art

Trick Art Cebu
image : facebook.com/TrickArtCebu

Cebu is home to many artists and their artworks are often displayed in different art galleries. Take the kids to see their amazing works of art. If you also want something more fun, there are 3D art museums out there that will introduce kids to the concept of optical illusion. There are also art galleries that offer art lessons to kids so if they are interested, you can sign them up.

Go Outdoors

If your kids are already old enough, you can take them along with you during camping trips. It is a good avenue to keep the kids off their gadgets. With an abundance of child-friendly campsites, you can fill all the weekends of the kids’ vacation with exciting adventures.

Summer can be a fun and productive time for the kids. With so many activities available, mom and dad shouldn’t be worried at all.

Introduce Them to Filipino Games

Kids nowadays spend a lot of their time in front of screens – television, computer, tablet, and cellphone – which is not a very healthy activity. This summer, make it a point to introduce children to Filipino games. Let them go out of the house, get sweaty, and enjoy the fun of patintero, piko, tagu-taguan, Japanese game, and many others. Apart from the fun, this will also help them get off the couch and start getting active.

Teach Them How to Ride a Bike

Biking is a fun activity and a skill that would come in really handy. Since it would take some time before one learns this, you can use a few days of their summer vacation for this.

Enroll Them in Summer Classes

While summer is a good time to stay at home and rest, kids can also use this time to learn new skills like dancing, singing, painting, cooking, speaking, and many others. These skills that they can learn from summer classes can actually help them become more sociable and for them to also hone their skills and talents.

Enroll Them in Summer Jobs

Fast food chains have a program where kids can become crew members. Expose them to these jobs so they will become more sociable and responsible.

Allow Them to Spend Time with Their Grandparents

Grandparents would surely love to have their apos around during summer. Spending quality time with them would also help children appreciate the love from their grandparents.

Let Them Watch Over a Small Business

Consider putting up a small sari-sari store or a halo-halo stall. Let the kids watch over the stall and also give them part of the earning. Make sure that they save up whatever amount they get so they will have something to use when school begins. Not only will it help them while the time during the break, this could also awaken the entrepreneur in them.